Zika: sources and notes

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Institut Pasteur Lille: Evaluate your risk on your return trip by indicating the country visited: //www.pasteur-lille.fr/zika/

Map of the Pan American Health Organization: Countries and Regions Affected by the Zika Virus in South and North America: www.paho.org


Institut Pasteur: Information sheet Zika //www.pasteur.fr/en/institut-pasteur/presse/fiches-info/zika

Institut Pasteur Lille: Travel recommendations sheet //www.pasteur-lille.fr/cpes/fiches_recommandations/Zika.pdf

High Council of Public Health, "Report on Zika" //vigilance-moustiques.com/report-on-zika/

High Council of Public Health "Management measures for the use of deltamethrin in the French departments and territories of America" ​​//www.hcsp.fr/Explore.cgi/avisrapportsdomaine?clefr=533

Zika virus - Fact Sheet. Online-Informationen der Weltgesundheitsorganisation: www.who.int (January 2016) (//www.who.int/mediacentre/factsheets/zika/en/)

Countries and territories with Zika autochthonous transmission in the Americas. Online-Informationen der Weltgesundheitsorganisation: www.who.int (January 2016)

WHO urges European countries to prevent Zika virus disease spread now. Online-Informationen der Weltgesundheitsorganisation: www.euro.who.int (3.2.2016)

Zika Virus Disease Q & A Online information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: www.cdc.gov (2.2.2016)

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