Vulvite: treatments

Treatment is a function of the cause of vulvitis. Here are the treatments from the most common cause to the least common.

1 - A mycosis which is candidiasis.
Candida infection-related vulvitis is treated with prolonged-release eggs, and an anti-fungal cream is applied to the vulva for 8 to 10 days.

Our advice: we often hear that cotton briefs must be worn to prevent fungal infections. Less sexy than strings, we agree! Prefer cotton only and if you feel that some underwear is bothering you.

2 - In case of psoriasis with a localization on the vulva, a cream containing corticosteroids is prescribed by the doctor, but other treatments exist.

3 - In case of irritative dermatitis, the upper layers of the skin are raw. It is necessary to reduce the frequency of the toilets and to use very soft soaps.

4. If vulvitis is caused by eczema, it will be necessary to find out what caused this eczema. Once the cause has been found, apply a softening cream, or even a cream containing corticosteroids, if the attack is important.

5 - If the vulvitis is caused by a vulvar lichen, the opinion of a specialist doctor is necessary and the treatment very prolonged (powerful corticosteroids).

6 - In case of vulvodynia, there is a hyper-excitability of the nerves. As soon as women have sex, painful burns can occur. The body contracts and refuses. The consequence: the stress that these unexplained burns return to the next report. It's a vicious circle. The important? It is necessary to de-dramatize and especially to talk to his gynecologist. Because there is always an explanation. The treatment often combines creams, pain medications and massages with a specialized physiotherapist.

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