Vulvite: the symptoms

Two symptoms are possible in case of vulvitis:

  • Local itching, also called pruritus. It scratches: the vulva is red. It's the most frequent case.
  • Local burns
  • Or both.

In general, women who have been victims of a vulvitis for the first time, remember well the manifestations, and in case of recurrence, at the first signs, they will know what it is!

The adult woman, but also the girl, may be affected by vulvitis and therefore present these symptoms.

Our advice: do not hesitate to look in a mirror to see if the vulva is red, if there are white patches, etc.

In the adult woman, the diagnosis is made by a general practitioner or a gynecologist who will perform a clinical examination and sometimes a vaginal swab.

The dermatologist can take over if the treatment does not work. Indeed, a skin disease can explain a vulvitis.

To identify the cause of a vulvitis, very often a simple consultation with a doctor is enough to make a diagnosis (by the answers to the questions asked by the doctor, and the examination of the vulva). At other times, a local sample will be sent to an analytical laboratory. This can help to know which infectious element is responsible for the vulvitis. And of course to be treated by drugs and the application of certain hygiene measures.

See also this video, if odors occur even in case of very good hygiene.

My cock smells bad despite good hygiene ... Why? And above all, how to fix it? Here is the video gynecologist's answer ...

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