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Violence in school: what to do on the parents' side?

Unfortunately, France is not immune to the phenomenon of violence at school. Moreover, the news reminds us how some children can be violent.

Physical or verbal violence, harassment, threats. Without going so far as to deal with these particular cases that have made the "Une" of the various facts, violence does indeed exist in certain school courses or corridors of colleges or high schools.
For students, for parents, as for teachers and school directors, these situations are particularly difficult.

Childhood is a crucial and delicate period during which human beings are psychologically constructed. The trauma of having experienced violence during the school years can leave scars for life. It is therefore very important to be vigilant to the behavior of your child, as he or she may not admit to being a victim of violence at school. However, only informed parents about the reality of violence at school will be able to act.

Another important fact: the children say "violent" do not necessarily realize the cruelty of their actions. To make them understand that their behavior is bad against other children can be complicated, but essential!

Why are children violent? How to help the child who is a victim? How to identify the young person at the origin of this violence? And how to convince him to change his behavior?

Find out in our file some practical advice as well as the testimony of a mother of a child victim of violence at school.

Read also our interview with psychologist Elodie Delafon, who gives us valuable advice with regard to children who are violent or victims of violence.

You want to react, to give your testimony or to ask a question? Appointment in our FORUMS Child or Psychology!

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Author: Ladane Azernour-Bonnefoy.
Expert consultant: Elodie Delafon, clinical psychologist.

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