Wart: the causes

Cutaneous warts affect about a quarter of school-aged children.

The cause of the appearance of wart is infectious. It is a benign and non-contagious skin infection caused by a virus, the human papillomavirus (HPV).

The cause of the contamination is the wart itself. The infection is spread by the spread of cutaneous dander infected with the HPV virus. Transmission is most often from one wart carrier to another, either through direct skin contact or indirect dissemination.

Some environments favor this dissemination: swimming pools, collective showers, sports halls, etc.

Some professions, such as butchers and veterinarians, are also at higher risk of getting HPV.

This same virus can be transmitted sexually, and cause cutaneous warts or condylomas (a kind of warts in the mucous membranes). This is known as a sexually transmitted disease.

There are about 120 different types of HPV that can cause a wart. These viruses can be found on a person's skin, without developing wart.

It is estimated that at least 50% of all carriers are healthy. It is assumed that a small skin break-up may be involved in the contamination of the virus. Some skin diseases can also promote the appearance of warts.

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