Maternity clothes

In terms of dress, comfort is the key word during pregnancy . The main thing is not to compress the body in too tight clothes.

If the first weeks, it is still possible to juggle clothes before pregnancy, the choice is limited as and when. Impossible to button pants that are usually worn, but still too early to put on pregnancy clothes designed to accommodate a belly already prominent ...
Reuse with stretch materials, tie-fasteners, or buy one or two sizes above can be a solution. But fortunately, brands think smart. They offer an evolutionary wardrobe thanks to clever design details that allow you to wear clothes from the beginning to the end of the pregnancy (tightening links, system of adjustments on the side, pliers and cuts, stretchy yoke on the belly) .

A few tips

Many pregnant women are reluctant to spend large sums of money on clothes that they will only wear for a few months. The ideal is to invest in some basics - jeans, a little dress, simple t-shirts and sweaters - that can be accessorized with stoles, jewels and belts so as not to get tired at months. Dress, overalls, pants, skirt ... to choose from, the main thing is to keep your own style and feel comfortable.
Do not try to hide your figure, highlight it by choosing comfortable clothes and trendy, cheerful colors. Even the fashion-victim will look after their look during pregnancy. The current mode of overlays is ideal for pregnant women. Not to mention the ethnic fashion and his blouses that will welcome a round belly without problem.

> Bet on legs and arms if they are thin. Long skirts with adjustable waist lengthen the silhouette and hide the legs and ankles swollen.

> Hot flushes are among the list of pregnancy pains, avoid synthetic materials and nylon in favor of natural materials (cotton, linen).

> Draw in your man's wardrobe. A white shirt on a small colorful tank will look great!

> For small portfolios, think of the deposit-sales, take advantage of the sales to buy some basics in advance, or borrow from friends who have already gone through the "pregnancy" box!

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