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Rule disorders: causes

Rule disorders can have different causes.

The delay of the rules

Sometimes the cycles are irregular with a systematic delay of rules of a few days, sometimes the delays are very important, capricious and the rules can appear 2 or 3 times a year. Rule disorders usually mean abnormal hormone production.

When menstruation is absent, amenorrhea is spoken of. In front of an amenorrhea, one must always think of a pregnancy. But other causes are possible: slimming diets, low in fat, anorexia, some medications sometimes cause a stop of the rules. When this disorder occurs, starting with a significant weight loss ... a doctor's opinion is necessary.

Abundant rules

The rules can be scanty or very abundant and last for days. In case of heavy periods, we talk about metrorrhagia .

In video: I have abundant periods, is it serious?

Is it normal for the rules to become more abundant than usual? Or do you have to worry? The gynecologist-obstetrician's answer in video ...

Bleeding outside the rules

Bleeding outside the menstrual period is called menorrhagia .

In the girl, the disorders of the rules are variable: they can be rules painful, abundant, irregular; these phenomena often give way over time but it is possible to offer them the pill for a few months to regularize cycles and reduce abdominal pain.

The absence of rules

Sometimes, puberty is not done, the rules do not appear; it is necessary to carry out additional examinations to investigate the cause. We speak of primary amenorrhea.

It happens that very sporty girls, who practice high-level sport, for example in sport-study class, become late pubescent with rules that appear for the first time later than the general population.

In video: What are reasons for a delay of rules?

In case of late menstruation, the diagnosis of pregnancy must first be eliminated. Once this diagnosis is eliminated, there are a number of causes that can delay the arrival of the menstrual cycle.

Bleeding between the rules

Some pills in some girls and women often cause bleeding between the rules called "spotting", they are due to hormonal insufficiency; the doctor can propose another pill, dosed differently in hormones.

In addition, at the end of a platelet (for pills taken for 21 days), it appears bleeding, these are not true rules, doctors speak rather of hemorrhage of deprivation (of hormones) due to the stop the pill.

In video: I have bleeding between the rules, what to do?

More or less abundant bleeding between two menstrual cycles can have different origins. The gyngecologist's explanations on video ...

Hormonal disorders

In adult women, rule disorders also exist. They can also be due to hormonal disorders; if these disorders are chronic, uncomfortable, the woman is accommodating, she can also take the pill or other hormonal treatment to regularize cycles.

When a woman had until then normal cycles and suddenly, everything goes wrong, we must look for hormonal reasons: a pregnancy when amenorrhea appears, early menopause if the woman is still young, where the rules stop also.

We must also think about an ectopic pregnancy where the rules may no longer have the usual characteristics, where bleeding can occur at any time, unrelated to a cycle since there are more.

The painful rules

In case of painful periods, it is also necessary to think of endometriosis. Endometriosis corresponds to the abnormal location of uterine lining, for example in the abdominal cavity it can not be evacuated at the time of menses and causes pain.

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