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Tremors: treatments

Tremor treatments will depend on their cause.

If it is a thyroid problem, it is the thyroid that must be treated. If it is multiple sclerosis or stroke, it is the neurological cause that must be treated.

If the tremor is related to taking a certain medicine, the doctor will have to judge whether you can stop the treatment or replace the troublesome medicine with another one.

In the case of an essential tremor, several treatments may be proposed.

  • beta-blockers, in particular propranolol.
  • anxiolytics, especially clonazepam.
  • anti-epileptics.
  • neurosurgery may be necessary when the tremor is too disabling.
    In the case of cerebellar tremor associated with cerebellar involvement, treatment may be difficult. Clonazepam is often used.

Neurosurgery and deep brain stimulation

When the tremor becomes too disabling or the drug treatments have been ineffective, the doctor may use neurosurgery, including deep brain stimulation.

These are small electrodes implanted surgically in the brain at the level of the thalamus. This probe is connected to a neurostimulator, implanted under the skin, at the level of the clavicle. The stimulation is adjusted according to the needs of each one.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia at first. The patient must remain awake and conscious to test, with the neurosurgeon, the effectiveness of the stimulation. Then, the operation takes place under general anesthesia, the time to implant the neurostimulator under the skin, near the clavicle. This surgical technique can be very effective on the symptoms of Parkinson's disease.

The psychological solution

Some tremors can have a psychological or psychiatric cause. Emotivity too close to skin, too much shyness, too much stress response, all this can cause tremors. When these tremors are too troublesome, therapies exist to better manage the emotions related to stress.

In particular, behavioral and cognitive therapies can provide new reflexes in stressful situations. And, in any case, when the tremor invalidates social life too much, consulting a psychologist or psychiatrist can help manage the disability associated with the tremor.

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