His Life Can Develop To His Brain

All your life you can develop your brain

On the occasion of the Neurodon organized by the Federation for brain research, Dr. Etienne Hirsch of Inserm, a specialist in neuroscience, explains how to "muscle" his brain, at all ages.

Fifteen years ago, scientists thought that one was born with a finite number of neurons. There is nothing more false !

Discover how our brain evolves. Know how new connections between neurons are created ... even at an advanced age.

And know exactly how to stimulate your brain to promote these new connections. Read the latest medical advances on deep brain stimulation that can treat diseases such as Parkinson's.

Finally, if you wish, you can support research on the brain.

You want to react, to give your testimony or to ask a question? Appointment in our FORUMS Neurology or A doctor answers you !

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Interviewed by Corinne Soulay.
March 2008.

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