Getting pregnant quickly: what is the most favorable period?

Fertilization must result from an act of love. Even if one is impatient to be pregnant, one must not forget an important point: it is necessary to make love to make a baby, but the absolute desire to be fertile eludes in some women all the sentimental environment.

However, the most favorable period is imposed by ovulation, the period begins 3 to 5 days before ovulation and a day later. It is at this point, usually in the middle of the menstrual cycle, that fertilization (the encounter between an egg and a spermatozoon) can occur.

To determine the most favorable time to get pregnant, there are several methods:

The small calculation of the fertility period

The small calculation of the fertility period for regular cycles is the simplest and most effective method. Ovulation is calculated from previous cycles. It occurs 14 days before the next period.

Calculate your ovulation date!

Our ovulation calendar allows you to quickly and easily calculate your ovulation date and fertility period. Want to know the best time to be pregnant? Do the math in a few clicks!

The ovulation test

The ovulation test detects the presence of hormones in the urine. It is this hormone that causes the release of the egg each month. This test can be done a few days before the middle of your cycle.

But beware, if we wait until the ovulation test is positive to have a fertile report, the woman will never be pregnant.

Fecundating sex should be done BEFORE ovulation, most often during the four days before theoretical ovulation. It occurs 14 days before the start of menstruation.

The temperature curve

Taking morning temperature at sunrise can detect the temperature rise that occurs after ovulation when the ovarian corpus luteum secretes progesterone. It is progesterone that induces an elevation of 5 to 6 tenths of a degree the day after ovulation.

By taking the temperature every morning for one to three cycles, we will be able to determine if there is ovulation and when it occurs. This will be the day before the first day when there is a rise in temperature for two weeks.

Ovulation always occurs the day before the first day of temperature rise. The fertility period precedes by four days the date of ovulation. Once this temperature curve is established for two or three cycles, it is advisable to consult your doctor for an opinion if you are not pregnant by then.

Also note on the curve the events that could disrupt the curve: alcoholic drinks, very large meals, flu infections, late discharges, etc.

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