Venous thrombosis: symptoms

Sometimes there are few symptoms, but in general, superficial thrombosis causes localized pain and redness.

In case of deep thrombosis, the leg becomes heavy, swollen, hot and painful. This can be a pain in the calf. It becomes urgent to consult.


Because the complications of venous thrombosis are serious. First, the clot in the leg can cause vein damage and therefore poor blood circulation.

In the long run, this can cause severe chronic venous insufficiency, sometimes complicated by ulcer (chronic sores) of the leg.

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Another complication is that a clot can come off, migrate to the pulmonary artery, and cause pulmonary embolism that can obstruct blood flow to the lungs and be fatal.

Beware of blood circulation disorders!

The disorders of the blood circulation can be related to the heart, the arteries or the veins, which constitutes very different pathologies ... The point on this frequent disorder

An examination will be proposed by the doctor to establish with certainty the diagnosis of venous thrombosis, phlebitis: in case of suspicion of venous thrombosis, it will be necessary to consult without waiting a vascular doctor to perform a Doppler ultrasound.

Vascular doctors take care of veins, arteries, microcirculation. They treat pathologies such as arteritis, varicose veins, phlebitis, Raynaud's disease, disorders of the bloodstream ... They perform complementary examinations like a color Doppler ultrasound.

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