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Thermalism: The double therapeutic orientation

In addition to the main indication, a second therapeutic orientation may be chosen.
The curist will thus benefit from the number of sessions planned for the main orientation, as well as other sessions planned for secondary orientation.

Duration of a cure

A thermal cure lasts 3 weeks, duration considered necessary so that can exercise at best the beneficial effects of the treatment, but also to cause a break with the usual environment.

Today, many spas also offer free medical treatments or fitness stays, lasting one week-end, one week or more. Thus, there are spa treatments to quit smoking, to be helped to lose weight, etc. These short-term spa treatments are not covered by health insurance.

Hydrotherapy in the French health system

Unlike thalassotherapy, spa treatment is a treatment that can be reimbursed, under certain conditions, by the Social Security.

It is up to the attending physician to prescribe the treatment and to choose, with the patient, the spa best suited to the pathology; he is also the one who completes the claim form.

But be careful: even prescribed by your doctor, the spa treatment is not automatically reimbursed. The health insurance fund accepts or refuses reimbursement. Depending on the patient's resources, she may also grant a daily allowance for transport and accommodation costs.

Once there, the spa doctor establishes the program of care at the end of the visit. In the middle of a cure, the patient meets again the thermal doctor for an intermediate examination-balance; at the end of the treatment, the doctor and the curist make the assessment of the stay. A report of this interview is given to the attending physician. French hydrotherapy has the advantage of bringing together doctors who are competent in thermal medicine, but also generally in the specialty treated in their station.

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Source: INC 2013

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