Are you addicted to the internet? : Treatments

> If you feel that you are spending too much time surfing or if people around you are noticing it, evaluate your relationship with the Internet: take stock of its positive and negative impacts in your daily life.
Strive to reduce your connection time, especially by not surfing at night. And take the time to do activities that are not virtual: see friends, play sports, attend a show ...

> If the addiction is too strong, it is necessary to help you. First consult a general practitioner who can refer you to a specialist (psychiatrist or clinical psychologist). It will be necessary to consider treatments ...

Follow a therapy of behavioral or cognitive type will allow you to identify the causes of this dependence, to cure the malaise which pushes you to fall back in a virtual world (depressive state, difficulties of communication, addiction to the game ...) . You will understand that the internet is a fake anti-depressant!

Also do small exercises - like noting in a notebook the number of times you connect, the emotions that trigger that desire, the activities that prevent you from doing ...-, which will help you gradually free yourself from the 'grip of your computer.

If you want to bring your testimony, propose solutions ... go to our forum.

Sources and notes:
Lucia Romo, The Dependence on Video Games and the Internet, Ed. Dunod, 2012.
- Michel Hautefeuille and Dan Véléa, Addictions to the Internet? From boredom to addiction, Ed. Payot, 2010.

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