Rett Syndrome: Treatments

There is no cure for Rett's syndrome. However, the management of symptoms is important. The child can benefit from treatments for muscular, skeletal, respiratory and orthopedic manifestations, etc.

This symptomatic treatment is essential to put in place at the first symptoms of the disease. It includes physiotherapy, drug treatment and possibly surgery.

Nutritional status monitoring is also necessary because overweight or - conversely - thinness are not uncommon. Also, medication should be prescribed for epileptic seizures if they are present.

Gastroesophageal reflux and constipation should be investigated and eventually treated.

In addition, paramedical and educational care is indicated in order to better develop the cognitive skills present in the young patient.

The discovery of the gene involved in Rett's syndrome has no immediate impact on affected children. But a better understanding of the role of this gene could help to analyze the mechanisms responsible for the abnormalities found, and thus to improve patient management.

In addition, research continues to try to find out if there are no other genes involved in this syndrome.

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