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Sport for the child: sport and growth

The overly intensive practice of certain sports (gymnastics, figure skating, dance, tennis) can hinder the growth of the child by putting it temporarily "on standby"; the child grows more slowly, because the important muscular development hinders the growth of the cartilages of conjugation.

Medical Exemptions

Some pathologies, such as diseases of the spine can encourage to reduce the sports activities, even to suppress them. This will be judged case by case by the doctor. For example, a scoliosis usually does not require the regular practice of a sport.

Other diseases affecting the growth cartilage of the vertebrae, or the top of the femur ... may require stopping the sport.

Schoolbag: watch out for back pain!

The weight of the binder is often more than 20% of the weight of the child i How to avoid back problems for our children? Here are the tips of the osteopath ...

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