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Solutions to the small problems of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding may be the most natural thing to be, to promote exchange and strengthen the bond between mother and child: it does not mean that it always happens without problems. And these difficulties related to breastfeeding can be difficult for the young mother.

Breasts engorged, drops of lactation, cracks: small worries for some, big problems for others. For some women, breastfeeding is sometimes difficult.

During the days following the birth of the baby, the woman's body undergoes a lot of reactions because she is making the milk that will be used to feed her baby. Breast pain, hot flashes and fever ... The rise of milk can be a difficult test for some women to overcome.

Faced with the problems of breastfeeding, it is important to know how to intervene quickly so as not to become discouraged and continue to enjoy this moment of contact with the baby.

Read this folder filled with practical tips and tips on breastfeeding issues. Know what to do in case of breast pain, engorgement, crevices, etc. Have the right reflexes if you feel you do not have enough milk ... or on the contrary to have too much!

And for your baby, discover the solutions to relieve him if he suffers from colic, and to succeed his weaning. Finally, read the advice of a midwife and a mother who has chosen breastfeeding.

All the solutions to live well before, during and after baby feeding.

Quiz for breastfeeding without problems

Benefits of breast milk, feeding and breastfeeding, milk production, cracks and breast engorgement ... Do you know what it takes for breastfeeding to be successful? Take our quiz!

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Author: Marie de Virterra.
Expert consultant: Paloma Chaumette, midwife.

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