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Thalasso care: Dry care

Practiced dry, these treatments are an integral part of the treatment; they have a relaxing and decontracting effect.

The massages, with therapeutic aim or simply relaxing, are carried out by a physiotherapist graduated of State. The technique varies according to the needs of the curist: relaxation of the muscles, improvement of the circulation, elimination of the muscular toxins ...

The physiotherapy in room, also carried out by a physiotherapist, proposes a functional rehabilitation. As part of the post-natal care, this will be a pelvic floor reeducation. The mechanotherapy uses when it devices to exercise the body to certain movements.

For pressotherapy, the legs of the curist are wrapped in inflatable boots allowing drainage by pneumatic pressure. This treatment aims to improve circulation and venous return; It is therefore particularly indicated in case of heavy legs, circulatory problems, edema.

In addition to these "classics" of thalassotherapy, the centers offer complementary treatments to choose from according to their needs ... and their desires: swimming pool relaxation, hot stone massage, shiatsu, electrotherapy, stretching, but also beauty treatments. Everything to feel good about yourself!

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