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Thirst: Treatments

To overcome this feeling of thirst, the treatment is simple: just drink, focusing ... water!

In order to dispel the sensation of thirst effectively, it is best to consume drinks at room temperature. Cold drinks take a longer time to be absorbed, so we rehydrate.

Another method, is to drink a slightly salt-enriched water. Salt allows the body to retain water, which helps repel the next sensation of thirst.

In the most urgent cases, there is the solution of intravenous infusion. This more radical treatment must be done under medical supervision and consists in injecting a solute to rehydrate the cells of the body more quickly. This may be necessary for some athletes, who practice activity in extreme conditions. Or in a young child with severe gastroenteritis, the child may be severely dehydrated without being thirsty (sometimes because of his very young age).

A tip: when you are thirsty, it is best to avoid drinking alcohol that tends to dehydrate.

The particular case of the athlete:

It is important to hydrate well when you practice a sport, and to drink regularly during all the sports activity. When it exceeds 2 hours, some doctors recommend to consume so-called isotonic drinks. They would have greater efficiency to properly hydrate the body.

An isotonic drink consists of about 30 mg / l of sugar and a few pinches of salt. Glucose will nourish the muscles while salt, as said before, will retain water in the body.

Finally, when the thirst is linked to the presence of a specific disease, the treatment of this pathology should be sufficient to get rid of this feeling of thirst that hinders the patient.

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