Chronic sinusitis: what to do?

A good cold that mouth, which fly, everyone knows. This is part of the joys of our winters! The problem is when it does not stop, especially when the cold turns to chronic sinusitis.

When the nose always runs or remains clogged, and that one has the impression that the head weighs tons ...

It may be sinusitis. It may be sinusitis. Acute sinusitis usually heals spontaneously, in one to two weeks, without any special treatment. And when it lasts too long, we talk about chronic sinusitis. An affection to treat properly, if you want to get rid of it.

To explain what is the purpose of sinus and simple, we will distinguish the anterior sinuses (front) and posterior sinuses (back).

In addition, sinuses exist in pairs. They are always in contact with the outside. And it's much better like that!

The sinuses are primarily used to warm, moisten and filter the breathed air. They are covered with the same mucosa as the nose.

But there ! When a virus, a fungus, a bacterium or an irritation of allergic origin, begins to attack the lining of the nose, there nothing goes more.

The mucous membranes react to the aggression by igniting and thus swelling up. This causes the sinus obstruction. The mucus, and all the secretions usually evacuated, begin to stagnate and the infection starts.

Sinusitis can last and be complicated by chronic sinusitis: sinusitis becomes chronic when it persists beyond 12 weeks.

Be careful because the attack of some sinuses may cause serious complications.

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Author: Sylvie Charbonnier.
Expert consultant: Dr. Jean Yves Guillaume, ENT doctor.
Last updated: January 2018, by Dr. Romain Boutonné.

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