Chronic sinusitis: symptoms

Recurrent sinusitis occurs when there are more than three episodes of sinusitis a year. Between crises, there is no particular symptom. The most common causes are: pneumococcus, hameophilus, moraxella, and sometimes staphylococcus aureus. A report looking for an immune deficiency may then be asked by your doctor to know why this infection recurrence regularly.

Chronic sinusitis occurs when symptoms persist for more than 12 weeks. Most often, chronic sinusitis develops after several outbreaks of acute sinusitis. However, acute sinusitis may occur directly in chronic sinusitis.

There is not sinusitis, but sinusitis. Depending on whether the anterior or posterior sinuses will be sick, depending on whether they will be reached on both sides at the same time or not, this will change the diagnosis.

Chronic sinusitis does not hurt in a systematic way. You can suffer from chronic sinusitis without knowing it.

Frequent symptoms are :

  • a painful feeling of pressure,
  • the stuffy nose, congested,
  • runny nose.

We can suffer from generalized fatigue, sometimes also headaches, more or less important.

You can have bad breath, too, because of that. And almost always, this feeling of heaviness, of pressure that increases when you lean your head forward.

Chronic sinusitis can lead to disturbances of smell :

  • Either, we lack of smell, or we feel nothing at all (this is particularly true in bilateral sinusitis).
  • You can also smell odors that do not exist! It's called a cacosmie. In fact, we smell odors that come from within ... It's typical of dental sinusitis. Anaerobic germs develop and that's it, that smells bad.

Symptoms in case of involvement of a maxillary, ethomoidal or frontal sinus:

We have a stuffy nose. This hinders from the middle of the forehead to the nose and under the eye.
As the nose is clogged, the secretions leave behind, in the throat, which can cause a cough of irritation.

Symptoms in case of deep sinusitis or sphenoid sinusitis:

The problem is very rare, but much more serious (because near the optic nerves and major vessels).
Symptoms :

  • we have a very bad headache, in a helmet.
  • you suffer from permanent nasal discharge, towards the back, which forces you to clear your throat,
  • sometimes you do not feel anything.

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