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Bleeding between rules: sources and notes

Author : Sylvie Charbonnier
Expert consultant : Dr. Jean Belaisch, gynecologist, former president of the French Society of Gynecology.


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Twisted penis

The twisted penis, the deformed sex ... the doctors speak of bent penis. No matter what name is given to this deformity of the male anatomy, this twisted penis which appears in erection, provokes a real legitimate worry, accompanied quite often by a pain. Although the incident is traumatic and distressing, although it can be painful and disabling, it does not matter
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To achieve a good prevention of heartburn, and prevent them from happening, and reappear, here are some practical tips: > First, watch what you eat. Fried or over-fat foods, whole-milk cheese, fatty meats, for example. All of this is difficult to digest and tires your stomach. To be digested, fats will require the secretion of more gastric juices
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A curved penis can have two origins: a congenital cause - rare, and an acquired cause, most often due to Lapeyronie's disease. Congenital curvatures In the case of congenital curvatures, it is usually at the time of the first sexual intercourse, in adolescence, that one perceives it. In most cases, these curvatures, even if they are judged unsightly or troublesome, do not require surgery
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The first thing to do is to correct the origin of bad breath by appropriate treatments. The first person to consult is a dentist. It examines the state of health of the oral mucosa, gums, teeth. Indeed, in 90% of cases, bad breath is due to an oral problem. If despite the care, and despite perfect oral hygiene, the dentist orients the patient to a doctor to best solve a possible infectious problem, diabetes, etc
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