Measles: the symptoms

Measles is relatively benign in developed countries, the adult is more severely affected than the child. It is a scourge in developing countries.

The incubation period, that is to say the period between the contamination and the appearance of clinical symptoms is ten days

Clinical symptoms suggestive of measles are quite characteristic: often high fever, photophobia (ie discomfort to light), crying eyes, runny nose, diarrhea, coughing ... And of course, the appearance of a rash (first behind the ears, then on the face and all over the body) type of red plates a little raised. The rash lasts about 4 days after the onset of the first symptoms.

The patient is cured in about ten days. He comes out tired and thin. The complications exist: otitis, bronchitis, pneumopathies, inflammation of the nervous system (especially encephalitis, myelitis and Guillain-Barré syndrome), liver complications, with then much more severe symptoms.

Indeed, the measles virus causes an immunodeficiency, that is to say a decrease in the defense capacity of the body against microbes. Fragile soils (chronic disease, malnutrition, etc.) are all the more susceptible to these complications.

The basics about childhood diseases and their symptoms:

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