What foods against cancer?

An ardent advocate of a preventive approach to cancer, Canadian doctor Richard Béliveau gave us an exclusive interview on the occasion of the release of his latest book, Cooking With Foods for Cancer (in collaboration with Dr. Denis Gingras). This specialist answers the questions you have asked in our forums.

Indeed, there is increasing emphasis on lifestyle-related prevention measures that promote the prevention of cancer.

Apart from the fact that you should avoid drinking alcohol and also avoid overweight to reduce the risk of cancer.

Some scientists believe that because of the very composition of certain foods, such as spices, mushrooms, fruits, but also seaweed (rich in antioxidants), they have indeed protective against this disease.

Learn what role food plays in cancer prevention, and whether this prevention works for all types of cancer.

What types of food (fruits, vegetables, drinks ...) to favor against cancer?

In addition to the main foods to be favored, we propose to take action by realizing gourmet recipes made by chefs and made from these foods. With soup, chicken, fruits and vegetables ... There is something for everyone!

You are ready ? So do not wait to discover everything you need to know about anti-cancer foods!

Evaluate your cancer risk!

Food, weight, UV rays ... 40% of cancers are related to our lifestyle and could be avoided. Take this test to find out where you are!

You want to react, to give your testimony or to ask a question? See you in our FORUMS Cancer or A doctor answers you !

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Author: Ketty Guillouzouic.
Expert Consultant: Dr. Richard Béliveau, Director of the Molecular Medicine Laboratory at the Hemato-Oncology Department of the Cancer Center at Sainte-Justine Hospital (Canada).
Last updated: March 2014.

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