The Idiots Consequences Of Certain Diseases On Nails

What consequences can certain diseases have on the nails?


A nail that changes appearance, which is deformed, on which appears a stain. can sometimes worry. If most of the time the problem is not necessarily serious, the changes observed may be related to a long or difficult disease. It also happens that the cause is serious.

Other times, nail changes are not related to the disease itself, but. treatment. Fortunately, in this case solutions also exist to preserve his nails.

Detail of some nail manifestations that deserve special attention.

An infection of the nail

The fingernails, but also the feet, can be affected by an infection. Most often they are fungi that grow in the nail. In medical terms, it is a mycosis, or more precisely an onychomycosis which is characterized by a thickening nail, a nail that becomes yellowish, fragile, brittle, sometimes brittle or even painful.

It still happens that an inflammation develops on the circumference of the nail of the finger or the toe. The fungal agents responsible are dermatophytes, yeasts, molds. In the pharmacy, non-prescription nail treatments are available to treat this fungus.

However, to be certain of the diagnosis, the opinion of a doctor is necessary. Sometimes a small sample of the sick nail is required for laboratory analysis. Depending on the importance of fungal infection, the treatment can last from several weeks to several months. Sometimes a drug taken orally is needed.

Bacterial infections can also occur, especially around the nail on the finger or toe. They are rarer than the previous ones.

All these infections occur more frequently in people suffering from an immunodeficiency problem, or certain pathologies, such as diabetes.

Illustration: the most common conditions affecting the nail

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Attention to diabetes

Among the fairly common pathologies, we can stop for a moment on diabetes. It is a condition that can be serious (with significant complications), if it is poorly managed.

When you have diabetes, foot monitoring is essential. Because the patient can have cutaneous lesions without suffering from it (the sensitivity in the feet is generally reduced in case of diabetes). And these injuries can be very serious consequences. Ulcerations, necroses. can occur.

In addition to properly examining his feet regularly, the diabetic must take care of his nails. They are indeed more prone to infections, such as fungal infections that are characterized by a thickening nail, a nail that becomes yellowish, fragile. It can even happen that inflammation of the perimeter of the nail can be a bacterial superinfection. When you have diabetes, an infection at this level requires immediate treatment to the risk of suffering serious problems.

It is therefore important to provide the necessary first aid for an onychomycosis to prevent things from degenerating. You must also know how to take care of your nails, cut them properly, and in no way neglect an ingrown toenail. The advice of a podiatrist can be particularly helpful.

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