Psoriasis: the testimony of a patient

Estelle, 39, tells in her testimony having gone through moments of great depression because of her skin disease ...

Have you been suffering from psoriasis for a long time?

Since adolescence. It started with dandruff. I tried everything, anti-dandruff shampoos of all kinds. It did not work. But we did not think about psoriasis. We did not even know it existed. On the other hand, we knew dandruff. It was already painful at the time of adolescence when one begins to want to please, to have all the time dandruff on his clothes. It even caused me a tic. I was always scratching my head. And then, it started on the elbows. I had red plate species and dead skin on it. White plates. Cala started when my father died. I was 16 years old. It came at once. There, we went to see the dermatologist. And we discovered this disease.

Have you managed to treat yourself?

Not at the beginning. I saw several dermatologists. I took my treatment properly, but it did not work. Changing doctors, like that, was very demoralizing. I had the impression that I would not get away with it. I had these plates on my elbows, I dared not put short sleeves in sports class, I was ashamed. I did not dare go to the pool. It was ugly. And the doctors, who at first could not heal me ... it was hard. Especially since psoriasis has progressed.
Summer was a little better with the sun. But winter was hell. And I ended up having some on my face as well. Around the ears, on the eyebrows. A horror. I did not dare look at anyone anymore. And still no effective treatment.

And today ?

I live with the psoriaisis. I can tell you that it rotten my life, this disease. I fell back on me, at an age when we have friends. It certainly changed my character. Difficult to have self-confidence and to love yourself when you have eyebrows that peel all the time and plates on the arms. I went through periods of great depression. I think we can even talk about depression. And then, a few years ago, I met a new dermatologist who offered me a background treatment. The UV sessions made me feel good. In addition, I was tanned in the middle of winter ... it's stupid, but it gave me a little confidence in my image.

And with this dermatologist, I have better understood the mechanisms of the disease. I paid attention to my lifestyle. And then I followed a drug treatment, and there, it's better. Well, when I'm too tired, or something bad happens in my life, it comes back. But I know it. I know how it works. I can control the disease. And now I assume.

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