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Hip prosthesis: The prosthesis

The hip prosthesis consists of 2 parts: a femoral head and an acetabulum. These parts will replace the defective bone parts of the hip joint. They are made of very strong materials and resistant to wear. They are often kept in place for years (10 years and older).

When the hip joint is destroyed as a whole, it is a total hip prosthesis that is put in place.

For fractures of the femoral neck, usually only a femoral head is used.

The intervention

It will be proposed when the damage on the hip causes significant pain that limits the activities of the patient and cause impotence sufficient to reduce its quality of life or during a broken neck of the femur in an elderly person.

After eliminating possible contraindications to the intervention, the patient will be operated on.

This surgical procedure is well codified, the complications are rare.

After surgery, the risk of thrombophlebitis and pulmonary embolism exist (formation of blood clots in the veins that can migrate to the lungs), and anticoagulants will be prescribed to limit these risks.

If both hips are to be operated on, the surgeon will choose to operate the most damaged one first; the second operation will take place when everything is back in order.

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