Presbycusis: treatments

Unlike some diseases of the ear, presbycusis can not be corrected by drugs, or surgery, but by hearing aids.

These hearing aids sometimes convey a badly misguided image - too conspicuous, ineffective, whistling and stigmatizing older people. This type of problem can sometimes occur, but also be solved by returning to his audiologist to adjust the device, better adapt, etc.

It should be noted that progress in the field of hearing care has been important in recent years. Today, the equipment is discreet and powerful. As a result, users can hear in different moods and feel at home in noisy environments.

To diagnose presbycusis, the ENT is the only person who can define the hearing loss of each ear. As for the eyes, aging does not necessarily affect both ears in the same way. Only a hearing assessment can accurately define the hearing loss of each ear.

If necessary, the doctor will make a hearing aid prescription. The choice of treatment, and more particularly of the type of prosthesis, is then under the competence of the hearing care professional. A phase of adaptation with the equipment is necessary with 4 or 5 appointments with the audioprosthetist. Then follow different checks.

However, in France, it is estimated that out of 5 million people with hearing loss, only 10 to 15% are equipped with this treatment. The main brake to the equipment? The cost of the equipment and the lack of care (about 130 euros by health insurance, and 300/500 euros according to the mutuals) for a budget between 1600 and 4000 euros for equipment called binaural.

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