To have a flat stomach: adopt the right reflexes!

You dream of having a flat stomach , but you can not? It must be admitted: it is not always easy to lose inches around the waist.

Often an unbalanced diet, too rich in sugars and fats, can be responsible for the fat stored around the waist and hips.

However, even if our lifestyle is often the source of the problem: sometimes it is not enough to have a healthy lifestyle and eat healthy to lose weight belly. Some people have a real genetic predisposition to gain inches in this area of ​​the body. But the small beads around the waist are not inevitable!

So do not panic! There are effective solutions to achieve a flat stomach at will.

How to have a flat belly ?

In this article, find all the elements that will allow you to unravel the true and false, and to take stock of what works and what does not work to lose weight of the belly.

Food, surgery and aesthetic medicine ... to choose the most appropriate method for your needs, read the advice of three specialists who can also intervene specifically: a nutritionist doctor, a cosmetic doctor and a cosmetic surgeon.

Finally, watch this video with exercises that are easy to practice every day, with the recommendations of our coach as a bonus, to sculpt a tonic abdomen and have a flat stomach to perfection.

You will see: after reading this complete file, you will know all you need to lose weight belly knowingly and, what is more, without suffering too much!

Author: Hélène Hodac.
Expert consultants: Dr. Yohann Derhy, specialist in plastic surgery, reconstructive and aesthetic, Dr. Boris Hansel, endocrinology-nutrition service at Pitié-Salpêtrière (Paris) and Dr. Alexandre Cretin Duvernois, aesthetic doctor.

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