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Smelly feet: treatments

Before resorting to a treatment, in case of smelly feet, it is necessary to have an irreproachable hygiene. If you shower in the morning, wash your feet at bedtime before bedtime. Clean especially between each toe.

Take care to dry well, because moisture and heat are fertile ground for the development of certain bacteria and fungi.

Banish acrylic socks, only wear socks made of natural materials such as cotton. Choose leather shoes and give up the idea of ​​synthetic shoes. Have at least two pairs of shoes that you wear every other day. The unworn pair can rest from the maceration and be decontaminated by an antimycotic treatment powder or solution. Indeed, this type of mushroom can survive for years in inert form at the bottom of the shoes.

If you are subject to fungal infections, avoid walking barefoot when going to the pool to avoid getting this infection if you are very vulnerable.

If you have a fungal infection or other infection of the feet, take appropriate treatment by consulting your doctor. You can also consult a chiropodist who will give you enlightened advice ...

Pedicure: take care of your feet!

The feet, even if they spend most of the time hidden, should not be left to be abandoned.
Our tips for taking good care of your feet!

Some tips

  • Sprinkle your feet with talc. If it is not very practical, it has the advantage of reducing perspiration.
  • Boric acid powder that you can buy in pharmacies, also helps to regulate excessive sweating. Put it in your shoes, even in your socks. Wash your socks at 60 ° C, and disinfect them with a few drops of bleach diluted in the wash water.
  • Antiperspirants based on aluminum salts are also recommended by dermatologists. Presented in the form of beads, cream or lotion, they should be used on average twice a week and can reduce the volume of sweat by up to 50% depending on the individual.

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