Losing belly: from physical activity to food

There is no mystery: to lose weight of the belly, it is necessary to play on two tables: the food and the physical activity.

Physical activity

To lose belly quickly, it is necessary first of all to practice a physical activity adapted and therapeutic, an activity with moderate intensity. You have to choose a sport activity where you are out of breath!

Regarding the type of physical activity to be practiced, everyone can choose what they like if the rules above are respected. If you have fun so much better, but first it must be effective and we can practice the activity regularly, every other day.

If you do not find yourself an activity, try different activities, go to a gym club, possibly ask for the help of a sports coach (if you can) who will help you find an appropriate physical activity.

Some rules for physical activity to be effective

  • The session must last at least 10 minutes,
  • You must practice a minimum of 150 minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes) per week
  • It must be practiced every 48 hours minimum.

See also our video: Flat stomach - exercises and dietetics!

Easy exercises and dietary advice on video to show a nice flat belly.

How to lose belly through diet?

Regarding diet to lose belly, one must eat balanced and perhaps reduce the amounts of food absorbed. The opinion of a dietitian can be important.

We must also be vigilant about sleep, we must listen to his body and see what suits us. If you have difficulty with sleep, consult a specialist. Lack of sleep causes many disturbances that affect the diet, weight and stomach.

Good to know: 10 tips for a healthy and balanced diet

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