Lose 1 kg per week with the 2-4-7 method

Losing a few extra pounds is not difficult, any low calorie diet gets results. On the other hand to lose weight without damaging health, without feeling in permanent frustration, and especially without taking again presto the lost pounds, it is another matter. ..

The best is to lose weight in a regular and controlled way. Thus losing 1 kg per week can be done in a reasonable and reasoned way. Weight and control are a long-term vision. So to rebalance your diet and weight loss, better to have a strategy that gives clear benchmarks. This is a simple and safe way to lose 1 kg per week.

Added to this are the keys to not regross once the weight decreased. This stage 2 is of course important, and it too often neglected by women or men who embark on a slimming program.

Method 2-4-7 (2 meals, 4 snacks, 7 days), developed by Dr. Fricker, provides a framework based on scientific research. The good news: including snacks between meals and gaps, it invites flexibility to better stick to social and family life ... and reduce the risk of "cracking" and recovery of weight once the diet is over.

1, 2, 3 ... leave ... For method 2-4-7, a simple diet to follow, concocted by Dr. Jacques Fricker, nutritionist medical specialist.

Read this file in its entirety for a good understanding of 2 essential steps to properly lose about 1 kg per week.

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Author: Hélène Hodac.
Expert Consultant: Dr. Jacques Fricker, Nutritionist Physician. Author of the book "Lose weight with the 2-4-7 method", Odile Jacob, 2014.

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