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Dandruff can have different causes, starting with some diseases that affect the scalp.

Too much use of detergent shampoos is going to be one of the main causes of dandruff because it will irritate the scalp and make hair oily.

Dandruff can occur in people who have a specific skin disease such as:

  • psoriasis,
  • seborrheic dermatitis,
  • rosacea,
  • an eczema.

Sometimes infection with a microscopic fungus (mycosis) may be responsible for dandruff. It is of course in consulting a doctor that the diagnosis of a particular disease can be made. It happens that in case of doubt, the doctor makes a small sample to send to an analysis laboratory.

Once one is sure that the cause is not related to a specific pathology, the origin of the dandruff is more difficult to determine.

There are, however, factors that can promote their appearance, and against which we can fight.

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Here are some factors favoring the pellicle:

  • smoking,
  • too dry air,
  • frequent use of a hair dryer,
  • a badly rinsed shampoo,
  • the stress,
  • anxiety,
  • having a dry skin ...

Finally, an inflammation of the scalp caused by a lack of hygiene, an excess of sebum, repeated scratching ... can cause the appearance of dandruff.

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