Alopecia areata: the treatments

To date, there is no known treatment for stopping alopecia areata. However, we can act to counter hair loss. Your doctor may offer remedies for trace elements or vitamins.

In some cases, the use of a local cortisone treatment (corticosteroids) may have a beneficial effect on hair loss. In very rare cases, corticosteroids are injected directly into the scalp.

You may also be offered psychotherapy, especially if psychological stress is involved in the appearance of the alopecia areata. However the depression associated with alopecia areata may be a consequence of it and not necessarily a cause. Also know that often hair regrow spontaneously after a few months.

When the surface of the almond is important and the disgrace it implies is disabling, the question of hair transplantation can arise.

Although this treatment is not advisable, if the person suffers psychologically from the alopecia areata, one can consider a transplant without being certain of the result. For this, we must be sure that there is definitely no sign of regrowth after several years of alopecia areata. A possible transplant will be decided on a case by case by the doctor.

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