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Failure of erection: the causes

The erection breakdown can have organic causes. It can often be a symptom of other important underlying conditions.

In the absence of erection at night, or erection by masturbation, we will look for organic causes. These are of various kinds:

  • vascular: there is a decrease in blood flow to the penis and corpus cavernosum. Given the frequency of cardiovascular disease, this cause is relatively common.
  • diabetes: it can cause vascular damage, neurological, dysfunction of the corpora cavernosa (present in the yard).
  • hormonal disorders: a deficit of male hormones (androgens) or an excess of pituitary hormone (prolactin) can affect the mechanism of erection. With age, the androgen levels decrease; erection can therefore come less quickly, and be less rigid.
  • some drugs have adverse effects on the mechanism of erection; this is particularly the case of anti-depressants, some antihypertensives (such as beta-blockers) ... that can be responsible for erection failure, or more.
  • neurological involvement, such as a central nervous system or nerve condition, may affect erection.
  • surgical causes: some surgical procedures can cause erectile dysfunction through nerve damage.
To these physiological problems are often added psychological causes (loss of confidence, feeling of reduced virility ...) that only maintain the problem, hence the importance of dialogue and psychological support, in case of erection breakdown.
In men with erections at night, when waking up, or by masturbation, sexual breakdowns are more often of psychological origin.

The fear of not being up to date with a new partner, the anxiety of the performance but also the inexperience can lead to occasional breakdowns; these will disappear naturally as well as complicity, trust within the couple and experience grows.

The erotic disinterest for the partner, relationship problems within the couple can also come to disturb the erection mechanism, as the stress, fatigue or professional concerns. A depressive episode is sometimes accompanied by a drop in libido and erection problems.

Sexual breakdowns of psychological origin are reversible; the risk is falling into the vicious circle of fear of failure, which will only aggravate the problem. The mechanism of erection is indeed an involuntary mechanism. To have a good erection, do not be afraid to have a bad one; you have to know how to forget your sex, to let yourself go to eroticism.

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