Orthorexia: the symptoms

The symptoms of orthorexia are noticeable in terms of behavior.

The person suffering from orthorexia tracks any non-organic food or any food additive. Result: this person can hardly eat meals cooked by other people, and she has not mastered the production line from A to Z. She avoids meals with friends, and often finds herself eating alone. own dishes.

One of the most typical symptoms is the orthorexic who finds himself eating differently from the rest of the family. With the potential consequences of social isolation and family conflicts.

Another symptom: the orthorexic person often takes his meal with her to be sure not to swallow materials that would be harmful to her health. Orthorexics are sometimes affected by a feeling of superiority over the rest of the population. They are convinced that they are right where, according to them, others are still in the prehistory of food.

But be careful not to make any similar dietary concerns pathological. Taking care of your diet carefully is not a problem in itself. And fortunately ! We speak of orthorexia, only when this behavior becomes rigid and causes difficulties in the daily life, social or family.

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