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Brittle nails: the causes

Many causes can cause brittle nails.

  • Deficiencies of magnesium and / or calcium and iron will be among the most common causes of brittle nails. In addition to making them fragile, it can also promote hair loss.
  • Aging is also a source of weakening of the nails.
  • Disorders in the thyroid also weaken the nails, of course, there are in addition to other symptoms related to the thyroid problem ...
  • External factors can also be incriminated as the frequent use of varnish (without allowing the nails to breathe between 2 applications) and solvent makes the nails more fragile and they can change color and appearance.
  • Hands too often in the water can make brittle nails as well as undried hands. The more you will not dry your nails after a hand wash, shower or other, and more nails will absorb the water to change appearance.
  • Extreme temperature and a sudden change of climate will damage and damage the nails.
But beware, specific diseases can cause these brittle nails, such as: nail psoriasis, or nail fungus ...

For these conditions, the nails, more than being fragile, have other specific signs. If in doubt, the doctor can take a small sample of the nail for analysis in the laboratory. The best thing is to consult a dermatologist.

Diagram of the anatomy of the nail

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