Nymphomania: the symptoms

The social norms are different according to the society where one lives, and the sexual needs are not the same for all the women ... Consequently, there is not a precise definition, nor universal of the nymphomania. The main symptom of nymphomania being an excess of sexual desires, the question of social norms is necessarily implied.

In the nineteenth century, Baron Richard Von Kraftt Ebing, Austro-Hungarian psychiatrist, did not hesitate to describe the term nymphomania as a serious or even fatal illness. Worse, at the time, women who suffered from a sexual appetite deemed too ferocious by the norms of society, could be interned, sexually mutilated and rejected from the community ...

Today, health professionals agree that nymphomania is a psycho-sexual condition, whether the symptoms are lasting or transient. It usually occurs in late adolescence or early adulthood. Nymphomania is pathological only from the moment the symptoms provoke suffering.

This suffering is linked to an unbridled desire that remains unfulfilled despite the multiplication of sexual intercourse or the use of pornographic material. Despite these attempts to relieve sexual desire, he can not be appeased. This is called the effect of tolerance, which partly explains the psychic dependence at the origin of suffering.

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