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Can my child become obese? : solutions and practical advice

Following the interview of Pr PatrickTounian .

How to deal with this problem?

Pr Tounian: The ideal is probably to do targeted prevention. Predisposed children should be screened and referred to a pediatrician, general practitioner, or nutritionist for informed advice and medical follow-up. Although this method is promising, its effectiveness remains to be demonstrated ...

What do you think about measures to fight obesity?

Pr Tounian: "Primum non nocere" or "first do no harm". This is the first thing we are taught in medicine. The current collective measures to combat obesity, whose effectiveness is more than doubtful, are likely to be deleterious. Minds will reinforce misconceptions like the fact that obese people are not able to limit themselves to resist temptation. Prohibiting treats at the checkouts will only increase the stigma and discrimination of these children.

What do you recommend?

Prof. Tounian: It would be better to give money to public research. When we do not have the solution to a problem, we have to look for it. There is an Alzheimer Plan, a Cancer Plan ... So why not an Obesity Plan?

What advice could you give to parents?

Pr Tounian: Before being a disease, obesity is a real pain. In a society governed by aesthetic codes, a cult of thinness, obesity and image do not really mix well.

The child will not understand this difference and will suffer from it. It is important not to make him feel more guilty, at the risk of making him resistant to all sorts of treatments afterwards.

We must therefore make him understand that it is not his fault but that nevertheless, we will have to fight against this problem and make efforts to avoid the weight gain imposed by his genes.

From a food perspective, what practical advice do you give?

Pr Tounian: For children who are overweight, the motto is "the restriction". It must be limited daily in its consumption of food.

  • There is no need to ban certain foods. The idea is to consume a little of everything but in a moderate way. To impose a minimum of rigor but to keep some pleasure. In all cases, we must promote a diet less energy rich, especially focusing on fruits and vegetables.
  • But if your child refuses to eat vegetables, it's not that bad ...
  • To avoid iron deficiency in your child, choose meat, eggs, fish or growth milk.
  • Prefer dairy products to give him the calcium he needs.
  • Finally, a little physical exercise is always auspicious. Do not hesitate to let him go for a walk! You or your parents did three or four kilometers a day to go to school.

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