Migraine: treatments

Several treatments are available to doctors to fight against migraine. We distinguish treatment crisis and treatment background. :

Crisis treatments

They concern migraine attacks. For moderate pain, aspirin and paracetamol are offered first.

For more powerful migraines, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug such as ibuprofen may be prescribed, possibly accompanied by an anti-nausea medication.

In the case of the ineffectiveness of these treatments, the doctor will propose you either painkillers containing codeine, derivatives of ergot of rye, or triptans.

Regarding the triptans, they have demonstrated their effectiveness in migraine but beware of the perverse effects of addiction. Too much use of these medications can lead to missing migraines, and then a vicious circle sets in which it is difficult to break without outside medical help.

If a drug like a triptan does not give the expected result, do not hesitate to reconsult.

When the medications indicated in case of crisis, prove insufficient, if the crises are too repeated, a so-called background treatment, to be taken every day may be necessary (as beta-blockers in small doses).

It is not always easy to find the right medicine right away.

Background treatments

They are usually prescribed when migraine attacks are close together. These treatments are intended to stop migraines by anticipating them.

So do not be surprised if your doctor prescribes a beta-blocker (normally for the heart), or an anti-depressant, maybe even an anti-epileptic.

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