Ladies, how to stop hair loss?

Find dozens of hair in your brush or on your pillow paralyzes you? It's normal, the hair loss is an inconvenience most often reserved for men!

Indeed, if a bald head is nothing shocking in our male counterparts, this is much more embarrassing in a woman, the canons of femininity often having a voluminous and shimmering mane ...

In fact, losing your hair is normal.

The hair follows a cycle of 3 phases: an "anagen" growth phase (for about 5 years), a "catagen" transition phase (for a few weeks), then a "telogen" fall phase.

This growth cycle is directly related to genetic and hormonal factors. Thus, a sudden fall, abnormal or excessive hair is often explained by a hormono-genetic disorder.

It is considered that beyond a loss of 100 hairs a day, the fall is pathological.

If there is a scattered hair loss that seems important, or in case of localized hair loss, it is advisable to consult a specialist. The latter can determine the origin of the fall.

Fortunately, it is possible to find a treatment against hair loss occurring in a woman, provided first to determine precisely the cause.

Discover what are the different types of hair loss and their treatments.

Test on hair loss

There are symptoms of an early loss of hair that do not deceive ... Evaluate your risk of suffering from hair loss!

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Authors: Clémentine Fitaire and Dr Nicolas Evrard, 02/02/201.
Last updated: 04/08/2017

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