Lack of iron: the causes

The lack of iron can have very different causes. It is usually due to a lack of iron intake; or a "leak" of iron, because of bleeding ... or both.

This partly explains why so many women of childbearing age suffer from a lack of iron (mostly because of the monthly rules).

In case of lack of iron, the search for the cause may be necessary, especially if this iron deficiency is repeated. Depending on the clinical context appreciated by the doctor, he may prescribe tests to identify any bleeding (digestive for example) that go unnoticed.

Other causes to be sought by the doctor are a disorder of iron absorption, an inflammatory state, a tumor, etc.

Where to find iron?

The best sources of iron are in red meats, liver and offal, black pudding, oily fish, seafood (clams, oysters), and dark parts of chicken and turkey.

In fact, iron of animal origin (heme iron) is better absorbed than iron of vegetable origin (non-heme iron).

Plant-based iron is found in dried vegetables (lentils, white beans ...), tofu, potatoes, some nuts, seeds, dried fruits, dark green vegetables, in whole foods.

If necessary, the doctor can also prescribe an iron treatment, to take by mouth for a few weeks. Be careful, do not take this kind of medicine yourself, without medical advice.

Note : When there is no iron intake deficit, it is useless to increase its consumption which can be harmful for health.

Here is an overview of iron-rich foods

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