Healthy Eating: Pregnant Women and Children

In pregnant women and children, eating healthy is especially important. This requires some precautions, so pregnant women should be particularly vigilant with regard to certain foods, especially to avoid any risk of infection or toxicity.

There are also some precautions to take with young children. In the first months, the rules of nutrition are now well established (breastfeeding or milk first age).

Then, the food diversification should be started around 5 months, with the gradual introduction of vegetables, fruits, meat later, etc.

To discover to eat healthy during pregnancy: All you need to know about the diet of the pregnant woman

Old people

Eating healthy in the elderly is of course eating balanced, but prefer certain nutrients.

  • the proportion of proteins must be higher (unless the elderly person has a very advanced renal failure);
  • the proportion of fats can also be greater.

In addition to eating healthy, older people should consider drinking enough water to avoid dehydration.

This healthy and sufficient diet is very important from a certain age, especially since the elderly can be victims of chewing problems (poor dental condition) and sometimes problems of swallowing.

Source : PNNS .

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