Motion sickness: what solutions?

Some nausea, a little sweat, sometimes vomiting ... it is the classic motion sickness that each of us has known at least once in his life!

If children suffer from it very often, and ruin our family travel by car, many adults are also victims when they board a boat, or when a plane flight shakes a little too much ...

Women are a little more prone to motion sickness than men.

The motion sickness can occur by borrowing different types of means of locomotion: plane, car, boat ... dromedary. It can happen very quickly, it is sometimes enough to stay a few minutes inside a sailing boat cabin and read a map, to suffer from significant nausea.

And even people who are very often exposed or in situation, are not necessarily safe from the symptoms characterizing a sickness of transport. Everyone has heard of competitive sailors who leave for the Vendée Globe, and suffer during the first hours of the crossing.

So to fight against motion sickness, discover without waiting our file with the summary the causes, the symptoms ... until the advice of the doctor Loïs Bonne, ENT doctor.

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Author: Ide Parenty.
Expert consultants: Dr. Loïs Bonne, Head of the ENT Department at the Clermont-Tonnerre Army Teaching Hospital in Brest, and Dr. Gwenaël Greppo, Homeopath.
Last updated: August 2011.

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