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Hypnosis to stop smoking

If you really want to quit smoking with hypnosis, your unconscious will help you. This is the concept of hypnosis to end the cigarette.

To stop smoking with hypnosis, there is only one condition: the person must really want to implement this change. If it is necessary to stop the cigarette by constraint, hypnosis will be less effective, because the work starts from the deep motivations of each person.

We can advise you beforehand to take the advice of a doctor who knows hypnosis, and also smoking cessation.

A "negotiation" with the unconscious

The hypnotist will help the person to understand the motivation to smoke, and that it can not stop. Once identified the problem that is causing this dependence, we seek to "convince" the unconscious of the hypnotized person to no longer need to smoke.

In general, it takes between 2 and 5 sessions to get results. In the most complex cases, however, the sessions may be more numerous.

How much are you addicted to tobacco?

The Fagerström test, used by doctors and pharmacists, assesses tobacco dependence. So, are you addicted to tobacco? Take the test to find out!

No need for substitutes

With hypnosis, the concept of "departure" is that one would not need a substitute to free oneself from an addiction. If we work on the cause and we try to go back to the origin of the problem, in principle, there would be no need to compensate by a substitute for the cigarette. It's a liberating process.

To stop smoking by hypnosis, one must conduct a work at the behavioral, emotional or identity level. It will be necessary to work on the beliefs, the fears, the habits of the person who wants to be released from the cigarette, that is why the sessions are personalized.

In general, we can say that on average we need 2-3 hypnosis sessions to stop smoking, but it depends on the origin of the problem.

In pictures: 18 tips to stop smoking

You want to react, to give your testimony or to ask a question? Appointment in our FORUMS Dependencies or A doctor answers you!

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Author: Elide Achille
Expert Consultant: Kevin Finel, hypnosis practitioner and trainer.
January 2014.

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