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Hypnosis: The indications of hypnosis

Hypnosis therapy is used in psychic disorders: it is indicated in states of anxiety, anxiety, phobia, disorders of sexuality. It can therefore have many indications ...

Hypnosis is also used to fight pain through the secretion of endorphins; indeed, it is possible that a session of hypnosis facilitates the production of these substances that have antalgic properties.
It is used to treat migraines, back pain, ... anesthetists even use it to perform certain surgical procedures.

This therapeutic method may be indicated to facilitate smoking cessation through changes in behavior: for example instead of thinking tobacco = pleasure, the patient may be led to think tobacco = nausea
Hypnosis would also be successful in stopping nibbling in overweight people.

It would also manage stress, find the right amount of stress that stimulates and learn to relax when the threshold is exceeded.

To remember

Hypnosis which allows to put oneself in a state of total relaxation, is not a recent therapeutic method.
Current methods can help patients become aware of childhood trauma themselves, which can lead to psychological problems that interfere with their day-to-day lives. They themselves will gradually come to find solutions to their problems.
It is also used to treat pain and even be a supplement for anesthesia.
Hypnosis is also a good way to learn how to manage stress.

Author: Dr. Nicolas Evrard.

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