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Erogenous zones: in humans

As with women, primary, secondary and potential erogenous zones are distinguished.

Erogenous zones in humans


Man is essentially sensitive to sexual stimulations centered on the genitals. On the penis, the brakes of the glans is the erogenous zone richest in sensory sensors and therefore the most reactive to pleasure. Then comes the crown of the glans, then the glans, area at the end of the penis, the testicles, the penis shaft, the perineum (at the back of the bursa), but also the area around the anus.

All are sensitive to the delicate caresses of the fingers, lips or tongue.

Fellatio, in which the woman takes the male in her mouth, is very popular with men, even more if it is associated with fondling on the testicles for example.

The rest of the body

As for the woman, the lips are erogenous zones that like to be kissed, licked or nibbled, just like the neck, but also the ear lobes. But that can change according to men.

Most men also like to be caressed, by the palm or mouth, on the inner side of the upper thighs, back, buttocks and nipples.

Finally, the whole body represents a potential source of pleasure. The sensitivity of potential erogenous zones in particular removes more eroticism and varies greatly from person to person. For everyone to explore are body and that of his partner to discover the areas and gestures that cause the most pleasure.

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