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Erogenous zones

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An erogenous zone (from the Greek eros, love, and gennan, to engender) is a part of the body likely to provoke a sexual excitation. It is an area rich in sensory sensors, very sensitive to touch.

The 3 types of erogenous zones

The main erogenous zones, called primary erogenous zones, are of course the genitals, whose stimulation can lead to orgasm. However, during the foreplay, many parts of the body are to caress fingers, mouth, to awaken sexual desire and prepare the body for penetration (erection in men, lubrication in women).

There are also secondary and potential erogenous zones:

By secondary erogenous zones are understood the parts of the body (in particular skin and mucous membranes) whose stimulation also causes the excitation of the primary zones. Their stimulation thus makes it possible to increase the sexual pleasure, without being essential to enjoy.

The potential erogenous zones are constituted by. the whole body: indeed, in theory, all parts of the body are likely to cause, under the effect of caresses, exciting and sensual sensations, thereby participating in the stimulation of primary erogenous zones.

All these erogenous zones, but also their mode of stimulation (manual caresses, touch, pinch, kiss ...) vary according to the people. In principle, the erogenous zones are quite close to one person to another, but the preferences may vary. This applies especially to erogenous zones. The exchange, the complicity, the attention paid to the partner and to his pleasure are the keys of the discovery of these magic zones, present on all the body.

It is important to emphasize that the erogenous zones can respond positively to stimuli only if the body is relaxed and the mind disposed to hugs.

Erogenous zone, some precautions to take?

All caresses are not always good. From one person to another, some areas may be hypersensitive, in which case too intense caresses can be uncomfortable, even painful, or cause tickling rather than excitement.

The effect of caresses also depends on the situation and the state of mind in which one finds oneself: when a person is perfectly relaxed and relaxed, the caresses and stimulations are more likely to cause pleasure than when the person is tense, stressed or preoccupied. In short, one must be available to receive caresses and stimulations.

Similarly, some erogenous zones may be hypersensitive after orgasm and require a little "break" because stimulating them further would be painful. These include the penis of the penis in men and clitoris in women, but also nipples (in men and women).

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