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Small wounds and scratches

Small wounds and scratches are a part of daily life. Not serious in itself ... but annoying. We often tend not to take enough care, because their gravity is not obvious.

However, they must be treated well, and even the smallest injuries, to promote good healing, and thus avoid visible scars on the skin, but also the risk of infections.

Everyone is exposed to everyday life to a small cut, a scratch ...

It is therefore necessary to know how to handle it properly by following several steps.

  1. First, clean the wound before disinfecting it.
  2. Once clean, it is time to treat the small wound or scratch so that it takes as little time as possible to heal and does not leave visible traces.
  3. Once properly treated, it is time to cover the wound to protect it from external elements that could damage it. A step to repeat daily, to keep the wound healthy.

In this article, discover the main causes of these small wounds and scratches. Also learn how to properly apply first aid to these wounds. Because even if it is small, one is never safe from complications as soon as it is about an injury.

Scars: how to avoid them?

Burn, cut and other minor injuries: how to facilitate healing and avoid unsightly scars? The advice of the dermato ...

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Authors: Camille Ozuru and Dr. Nicolas Evrard .

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