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Children's games: From 4 to 6 years old

At this age, children play less alone and prefer group games or physical activities.

The balloon, very appreciated, is excellent for the motor development and the sociability of the child; by playing ball, the child communicates, becomes aware of his physical abilities, learns to locate in space and to coordinate his movements.

Games that reflect everyday life (dinette, cars, doctor ...) also enjoy a lot, because they allow children to imitate adults.

Finally, the creation games (modeling clay, coloring ...) stimulate the imagination of the child, while the board games will bring his memory and his reflection.

What is a good toy?

It is a toy that is both educational and entertaining, a toy that gives the child enough leeway to be active, discover, experiment, explore on his own. A toy too sophisticated will cut short any creation in the child. It can also be objects of everyday life (cup, cardboard box ...) that will allow the child to learn the volumes: put in, go out, stack ...

As far as safety is concerned, it is advisable to choose toys that comply with the standards in force and adapted to the child's age (indicated on the box). Check the certifications (French manufacturing, European certification ...).

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