Hair implants against baldness: the advice of a specialist and a patient

Interview with Dr. Paul Benet, member of the French Society of Aesthetic Medicine.

Are there better times to get surgery on hair growth?

Absolutely not. There is no "season" for the hair. The procedure can be performed at any time of the year.

Is there an age limit for the intervention?

No. Just be healthy.

Are there any cases of rejections?

No. There is no rejection phenomenon. The hair that is implanted is that of the patient, himself. The body recognizes them and does not risk rejecting them as a foreign body.

Are the grafts fragile?

Not at all ! The implanted hair is as resistant as the others and will repel all life. Several months after the intervention, we can make brushings, perms, colors, as we want.

Testimony of a patient

Interview of Walter, 33 years old.

How did you decide?

It's been a while since I thought about it. My transplant took place a year and a half ago. You know, in my family, it's genetic, all men are bald. And for me, it started early. I had a big baldness, at the level of the tonsure, and a little ahead. It bothered me a lot in my image. I talked about it with my partner. She encouraged me.

How was the intervention?

At first, everything went well. We do not feel anything, everything is fine. On the other hand there are moments a little more difficult. For example, when I saw my head in the mirror during the operation. There, it makes a shock. And then, the doctor injected a liquid under the skin, the time of the transplant. And when the liquid goes away, it goes down by the face, we have a sumo head. It's scary.

And after the intervention?

It hurts a little when the anesthesia goes away. It pulls a little. And at night, it's better not to sleep on the scar. Then, for a few days, we go through all the colors, blue, green, yellow. because of the injections. It is better to plan eight days of sick leave behind.

And the result, are you happy?

Ah! More than happy. It goes even beyond my expectations. My hair grows more and more thick. Young hairdressers do not even see that I have been grafted. Really, it's great.

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